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There are all our creations, wich were planed or released... Or will be released!

  Phase Transition
Cooperative mod for Half-Life. Alternative strory of HL characters.
You are woken up at night in the hotel, meet your comrades, who also have no idea what the hell is going on. Strange noise somewhere in the bulding.. Unknown people.. or not people? Combine your forces to survive in this hell!
Download demo: ptransition_demo.rar [ 16 mb ]
  BioHazard Virus
199... year, Russian Federation. Mikhail Gromov - former prisoner - just came back from Yugoslavian War. After two years everything has changed in his small town Neftegorsk. Unknow "WOLF" corporation became more powerfull than local goverments. Who the hell know what they do? Unknown infection swallowed the hole town, people transformed to walking dead... Misha must find his brother and escape from there!